The Big Music Year Challenge

By Shane Sweeting on Dec 02, 2014 in Songwriting - 0 Comments

Durham, NC: Today, I hereby announce the beginning of The Big Music Year Challenge and invite all to join me. This challenge was inspired by the 2011 comedy film entitled The Big Year starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin. The Big Year chronicles three bird enthusiasts as they dedicate themselves to their passion by competing to set a record for spotting the highest number of bird species in a single year.  Likewise, I decided to dedicate myself to my passion for music by creating this quest to submit music to as many songwriting contests possible within a year.  

The Big Music Year Challenge will coincide with my third business year and will start today as I celebrate my daughter Savvy’s birthday, December 2, 2014. Since she is the inspiration for this company, I thought it would be appropriate to launch on the day that I became Savvy’s Daddy. All details of the contests I encounter over the next 12 months will be pinned to the official Pinterest page for Savvys daddy music. Additionally, I will share my progress and document my creative process on my Youtube channel.

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