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Savvy’s Daddy Music, LLC is a songwriting and commercial music production company that creates jingles, instrumental music beds for visual media and other custom music products for recording artists, ad agencies and publishing companies. Click here to learn more of the custom music process.


Shane Sweeting
c/o Savvy’s Daddy Music, LLC
3710 Shannon Road, #51354
Durham, NC 27717-3154


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A Short Autobiography

It all began with the Junkanoo cowbell.  The double barreled, handmade cowbell is the instrument that started the century-old Bahamian tradition known as Junkanoo.  It is also what inspired my love of music and rhythm. Although I was born and raised in Miami, Florida; my ancestral roots are grounded in the islands of the Bahamas. When I was 12 years old, I was first exposed to Junkanoo. This lively, vibrant masquerade parade was full of energy and movement. The warm Caribbean winter air was inundated with the rhythmic sounds of the Goombay drum, horns, cowbells and whistles.  I distinctly recall the unique metallic sound of the hand-held Junkanoo cowbell.  When I returned to the States, I begun to play the bongo drum in church where I would incorporate this newfound caribbean rhythm to classic hymns. Later, I moved on to the traditional drum set and other percussion instruments such as the steel drum and piano. I briefly dabbled with the saxophone and other brass instruments but grew particularly fond of the keys. Soon I became the lead musician for my church choir. In high school I began to write and produce original songs for class projects, and by requests for friends and special occasions. In college, when I attended the University of Miami, producing and performing music provided a source of income and my natural stress reliever. My love for music continued to grow.

DSC_0597Now as a father, as I encourage my daughter Savannah to pursue her dreams I realize that I must do the same.  Music is my dream, my passion, my calling. I immerse myself in it as I create new sounds and rhythms. Hours become minutes, sleep becomes optional. I am at home in my studio. My favorite studio companion is my baby girl Savvy. Watching her enjoy my music through her bright, inquisitive eyes, reminds me of the love and motivation that inspired me many years ago on the streets of Nassau. She inspires me to share my music and pursue my dreams, and with this inspiration, Savvy’s Daddy Music is born.


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